Shamanic Journeys in Sedona Arizona
Meet your spirit animal, learn about your life's purpose
A Native American Inspired ceremony to meet your power animal
finding your spirit animal
Shamanic Journeys for men and women seeking spiritual meaning in their lives
Answers and guidance from your spirit animal
Meet your power animal during a Native American inspired drumming ceremony in Sedona, Arizona
Jane Smith, your Shamanic Journeys facilitator
Experience the benefits of a Shamanic Journey - meet the power, or spirit animal that is guiding you right now!

Shamanic Journeys – a unique experience totally true to you.
Learn about it. Experience it. Reap the benefits.

Imagine . . .

Experiencing greater peace in your life

Feeling protected and guided at all times

Solving problems with ease

Finding a power source you never knew you had

Learning about your deepest self

Getting the help and answers to your most profound questions

Shifting your perspective from one of being stuck to one of moving forwards with Joy

You can do this... with a Shamanic Journey!

The wolf: a power animal that you might meet on your Shamanic Journey


What Is a Shamanic Journey?

A Shamanic Journey with your facilitator, Jane, is a minimally guided visualization in which you “travel” to the lower world where the animal spirits live. In the lower world, you’ll find your power (or spirit) animal, the animal who is guiding you right now. After spending some time with the animal, you return to the earth’s surface and have a nurturing discussion and interpretation of your journey with Jane.

How Will My Power Animal Help Me?

Your power animal will give you insights and ideas for:

  • Changing your life
  • Solving current problems creatively
  • Breaking through blocks to living the life you were meant to live
  • Finding your true path and purpose
  • Living more authentically

Why Should I Choose a Shamanic Journey?

As you come to Sedona, you have many, many options for spiritual experiences. Unlike a psychic reading, a journey is a “reading” coming from within and based on your own energies.

A Shamanic Journey is a unique experience that enables you, and not someone else, to tap into your guides and highest energy. I am there to facilitate your understanding of the meaning of your journey through a shared discussion, calling upon the energies and symbolism of your power animal. It is a reading you give to yourself, facilitated by my gentle questioning, interpretation, and wisdom.

People choose to experience a Shamanic Journey for a variety of reasons, including but not exclusive to:

  • Curiosity
  • Interest in Native American spirituality
  • Need for answers to current situations
  • Need to get “unstuck”
  • Desire to learn more about their purpose in this lifetime

Whatever your reason(s), your power animal knows and is ready to assist you on your journey. Call 928-284-0455 or email to make an appointment now.

When Should I Take a Journey?

A journey is not usually a life-long message or one-time event. In my 13 years of journeying, I’ve experienced several different power animals, each with the right energies and message for me at the time. Often when I lead a journey, I also meet my animal and ask more questions and gain more guidance. When it is time for me to be guided by a new animal, my current animal may bring the new one to me, or the new one may just show up. I don’t plan it or know when a new animal will come, yet it is always perfect for me and helps me make changes in my life that are beneficial. So, you can take a journey whenever you feel you want answers and need to talk to your animal. You may be surprised by who shows up someday.

When you’re ready to take your journey,
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