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About Jane Smith, Your Shamanic Journeys Facilitator

I am an ordinary woman who has lived a very successful life in the education, corporate, and spiritual worlds, often simultaneously. I believe my purpose is to facilitate personal growth, regardless of the medium I use or the arena I’m in.

I am a sun-filled blossoming tree that helps other people to grow.

Jane Smith

When people meet me, they immediately know that I am grounded and totally trustworthy. They feel at ease with me because I have no need to elevate myself above anyone. We are all one anyhow.

In addition, having experienced many years of living, including life events, such as divorce, being laid off from a job, moving myself cross country to start a different life, and others, I come with the wisdom of the tribal elder and the openness to share my experiences and growth. Basically, I am a “wise woman”.


You can learn more about me on my sister sites: and, or you may call 928-284-0455 or email to get answers to your questions.

Other Native American Services and Ceremonies

Jane offers other Native American services and ceremonies, including cleansing homes, offices, or other environments where there has been negative energy. She removes the negative energy with the aid of burning herbs and prepares the environment for positive energy to come in. Each cleansing is part of a ceremony, based on the needs of the people involved.

Jane can also do blessings for any occasion:

  • A new home
  • A new phase of life
  • A celebration of an accomplishment
  • An intention for the future

She can perform ceremonies for groups or individuals and will customize each ceremony to the occasion and needs of the individual(s).

Call 928-203-0777 or email today
to set up your ceremony.