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Types of Shamanic Journey in Sedona, Arizona

Jane offers various types of Shamanic Journeys for individuals, couples, girlfriends, or any other type of small group. For specifics on what happens on any journey, see the About Your Shamanic Journey page.

The Individual Shamanic Journey

Often, an individual takes a journey without anyone else, except Jane, present. They experience the journey as described on The Journey page. The Shamanic Journey is private and totally confidential. Call 928-284-0455 or email me to set up your individual session.

A Couple’s Shamanic Journey

When a couple decides to do a journey together, they journey at the same time; however, the interpretive discussion is separate for each of them. They may choose to participate in each other’s interpretive session or not. Sometimes couples discover that their journeys intersect in some way – or that they share a power animal. A couple’s journey is a good way for each person to learn about the other and how they can better support each other in their current situation and growth. The journey experience can be healing and bonding.

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"Girlfriends" Shamanic Journeys

Often women enjoy journeying together and sharing and discussing their journeys – both in the interpretive session and afterwards. Like for couples, friends can learn more about each other and how to support each other on their paths. It can be a bonding experience for all.

Women seeking spiritual meaning in their lives get profound information from their spirit (or power) animal during a Shamanic Journey.

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Spirit animal: Even the tiny hummingbird will have significant meaning during a Shamanic Journey

Shamanic Journeys for Groups

Many people can journey simultaneously; however, the interpretive conversations are individualized. Unless all people in the group agree to allow everyone to listen in on the interpretation, some people may need to bring something to read while others are having their individual sessions. Another way a group can journey is for the journey to happen at one time and individual interpretive sessions take place by appointment at later times. In that case, good notes on the journey are essential.

In general, 3 – 4 people is about the most that should come at once if all interpretive sessions follow the journey at that time. There is a slightly reduced rate for a group journey since the journey is simultaneous.

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